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Entry Stamp for Tourists Traveling to Sinai Resorts, Discover Home of the ancient Pharaohs: Egypt has so much for travelers to see and do, it's the perfect country for a mix of activities combining culture, adventure, and relaxation.


Entry Stamp for Tourists Traveling to Sinai Resorts

The majority of foreign nationals require a visa to enter Egypt. Passport holders from an EU member state, the USA, in addition to a number of other nations, can now apply for an Egypt eVisa online in advance.

Tourists from a selection of countries are able to enter Egypt without a visa but they must remain within the Sinai resorts and stay for a maximum of 15 days. Eligible visitors are issued with a special Sinai resort permission stamp on arrival at a designated Sinai airport.

Travelers planning a trip to Egypt can find information below which will help them decide whether an eVisa or Sinai stamp is their best option.

Who is Eligible for a Sinai Resort Permission Stamp?

Travelers from a few countries do not need a visa for entering the Sinai resorts. Passport holders from the following places may be issued with the special Sinai resort permission stamp:

  • The United Kingdom
  • European Union countries
  • The United States
  • Israel (Taba crossing only)

Foreign citizens from countries not included in this lift need a visa for Egypt. Passport holders from 46 countries can avoid lines at the airport by applying for an eVisa for Egypt before departure.

Obtain an eVisa for Egypt

Where Can I Visit with a Sinai Resort Stamp?

Travelers from eligible countries considering entering Egypt with a Sinai only visa instead of an eVisa should be aware that they will be limited to a small section of the country. The permit only grants access to the Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba, and Taba resorts.

Whilst this may be a convenient option for some holidaymakers, many tourists staying in these resorts prefer to make the most of their trip and explore Egypt further. A visa is required to visit the Giza pyramid complex or Cairo, the Egyptian capital.

Travelers should consider their itineraries carefully and only use the permission stamp if they do not intend to leave the Sinai resorts.

Anyone considering the tourist visa for Sinai only should also be aware that it is available at just 3 airports:

  • Sharm El Sheikh International Airport
  • St. Catherine International Airport
  • Taba International Airport

Visitors arriving at any other airport, including Cairo International Airport, before traveling to the Sinai resorts must obtain a visa as the stamp will not be issued.

Israelis need a visa to enter the Sinai Egypt resorts unless they use the Taba border crossing from Eilat, this is the only checkpoint where Israeli passport holders can be issued with the visa-free stamp.

How Long is a Sinai Only Visa Valid for?

The special Sinai permission stamp is only valid for 15 days. It is important that visitors do not attempt to stay longer than the time permitted in order to avoid problems at the airport on departure.

To remain in Egypt for over 2 weeks, a visa is required. Foreigners can stay for up to 30 days with an eVisa for Egypt. With this extra time in Egypt, tourists may choose to go to interesting cities such as Aswan, Luxor, and Hurghada.

Even foreigners eligible for the stamp who do not intend to leave the Sinai resorts must apply for a visa if they will stay for more than 15 days.

Visiting the Sinai Resorts in Egypt

The Sinai Resorts are chosen by travelers seeking a relaxing beach vacation. Package holiday deals are popular and tourists can spend time at the seaside as well as enjoying hotel facilities.

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most well-known cities in the Sinai peninsula. With warm temperatures throughout the year and plenty of sunshine, it’s a good option for those heading to Egypt to enjoy the climate.

Diving is a popular activity in Sharm El Sheik, the area boasts many beautiful coral reef sites. Other water sports can also be practiced. There are a number of luxurious hotels and resorts in Sharm El Sheikh, the area also offers exclusive nightlife opportunities.

Another town that can be visited with the Sinai only visa is Dahab. Smaller than nearby Sharm El Sheik, it is a pleasant laid-back destination. Diving and water sports such as windsurfing are available here too.

Traveling from the Sinai peninsula to the rest of Egypt

Many travels chose to combine a Sinai resort with other Egyptian experiences. Domestic flights between Sharm El Sheik and major cities are convenient for getting around the country.

The flight from Sharm El Sheik to Cairo takes just one hour, the capital is an excellent base from which to discover more of the country and learn about the nation’s fascinating history and culture.

Another popular activity is to take a Nile River cruise. Connecting places such as Luxor, Giza, and Aswan, a cruise is a fantastic way to see some of the very best places to see in Egypt.

Tourists are reminded that a visa is required to leave the Sinai resorts and see more of what Egypt has to offer. The eVisa can be applied for online in advance and is emailed to the applicant on approval.

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