Egypt pyramids tour – what to see, when to visit and where to stay

Egypt pyramids tour – Egypt Tourist Visa: Are you dreaming of a tour to the Pyramids in Egypt? Are you wondering about the best time to visit and if it is safe? Then this guide is all you ever have to read.


The 14 days Egypt itinerary

The Pyramids of Giza near Cairo, are both the oldest ancient World Wonder and the only one to survive the ages (almost) unscathed. There are so many tours to the pyramids in Egypt, it’s quite easy to lose count. Some outrageously expensive and some dead cheap, you are wondering how they make a profit at all. You can easily visit them on your own just like the rest of Egypt

But, you should know that Egyptian men dress rather smartly and are rather conservativeboth the Islamic majority and the Christian minority. You will see most men in shirts, long trousers, and leather shoes. Rather no jeans, no t-shirts. And what do women wear in Egypt? You will see few Egyptian women fully veiled, though abayas (loose overgarment/robe) and loose veils are abundant. If you like the style, you will find cheap cotton abayas at most souvenir shops (they are actually quite comfortable!).

This doesn’t mean you can’t wear shorts. In the tourist regions (like Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh) , on the beach, or in the hotel it is totally acceptable to wear shorts. I’d recommend you to dress smartly anyway. In mosques, women are required to cover their shoulders & wear a veil, while men should be mostly covered as well.

You’ll often read that tourists should respect the local traditions and not wear shorts. But I’d say this is only one side of the truth, as travelers from these countries often don’t refrain from wearing the full veil when visiting western countries either. Instead, I believe you should always show your best. Respect and tolerance don’t have only this one face. Midriff-baring tops or tank tops might be stretching it a bit too far, though (but are okay as long as you don’t leave the beach or your hotel).

Note: During Ramadan, the locals might be a bit more sensitive to all forms of touristic “misconduct” and you really should respect the traditions around this special time of the year!

Other stuff to pack for Egypt

Hatshepsut Temple

It is quite important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Egyptian tap water is not drinkable and I don’t recommend using sterilizing agents either as they mostly don’t kill tapeworm eggs! You won’t need to bring a canteen, but a shoulder strap to carry your water bottle  something like this) will be quite a smart idea. In theory, you could also bring a small daypack, but it usually means you’ll sweat a lot on your back.

Also, consider bringing a small umbrella if you got sensitive skin and don’t forget a hat. The extra shade it offers can be a true lifesaver – at least for people like me who still get sunburn despite wearing SPF 60 sunscreen and only sticking to the shade.

Quite obviously, you also need to bring sunglasses ;-)

The 14 days Egypt itinerary on a Nile river cruise
A Nubian village on the Elephantine Island in Aswan

If you are taking a Nile river cruise (or touring lake Nasser), you really don’t have to pack much differently. Most cruise ships do have a pool on the upper deck, so you will need a bathing suit as well (you absolutely cannot swim in the Nile).

There are billions of midges around the Nile, though very few mosquitos. Bringing an anti-bug spray might be a good idea, although better cruise ships will have equipment so you will be able to sit on the upper deck after sunset without trouble (Just don’t open the window of your cabin at night!). If you just plan to ride a Felucca this will be no problem, as they only appear at night.

the top luxury Nile cruise ships (like the Oberoi Zahra; Check here)

Not even will have a special dress code or formal nights. As long as you pack some smart outfits, you’ll be fine and there really is no need to pack extra clothes. Again, restaurants on the ship will usually be air-conditioned and sometimes even quite chilly.

Stay safe!

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