The Egyptian Ports of Entry

Egypt is a maritime country that has a remarkable geographical location on the junction of three continents and 2,000km of coastline on the Mediterranean and the Red Sea which developed its connection with the foreign world since ancient times.


Alexandria Egpyt

Most tourists visiting Egypt need a visa to access and travel around Egypt.

Alexandria is one of the most magnificent coastal cities of Egypt, and hosts a variety of ancient monuments immortalized by history. The Port of Alexandria has upgraded its cruise terminal with a surface of 8,725sq mtr, parking area for up to 80 buses, accommodating more than 5,000 tourists and five cruise ships, at once. Renovation of the terminal took inspiration from Alexandria’s history with the design comprising Pharaonic architecture with features from the Roman era. Other Egyptian ports are Port Said, located in the Suez Canal at the northern entrance to the Mediterranean, Sharm El Sheikh, approximately 360km from Suez and 490km from Cairo, Suez, originally a port for pilgrims, and Hurghada, located on the western coast of the Red Sea.

Can I get a visa on arrival at the Egyptian border?

It is currently possible for nationals of roughly 40 countries to obtain an Egyptian visa on arrival at any port of entry in Egypt. However, the visa on arrival application process requires long waits in immigration lines at the border and the need to supply supporting documents in paper form.

Jordan to Egypt by Ferry: Aqaba to Nuweiba

The second option is to take the ferry from Aqaba to Nuweiba. This is a daily service leaving at 1 pm and arriving at 4 pm.

A round trip from Jordan to Egypt by ferry costs in the region of 100 USD.

Traveling to Egypt by Air

The majority of foreigners arrive into Egypt by plane. International flights arrive into the country at the following airports:

  • Cairo International Airport, Cairo
  • Hurghada International Airport, Hurghada
  • St Catherine International Airport, St Catherina
  • Borg El Arab International Airport, Alexandria
  • Sharm El Sheikh International Airport
  • Luxor Airport International Airport

Only tourists arriving into Sharm El Sheikh International airport or St Catherine International Airport are eligible for the Sinai resort permission stamp, all other travelers are required to obtain a visa for Egypt.

Cairo is the main International airport in Egypt with 65 airlines offering regular flights to major European cities.

As Africa’s second-largest airport, Cairo International is very busy. Travelers can avoid long lines at the airport by applying for an eVisa in advance.

Foreign nationals can check the Egypt visa requirements online to confirm eligibility.

Practical Advice for Traveling to Egypt

Tourists visiting Egypt should ensure they have all the required documentation to enter the country, including:

  • A current passport valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of entry into Egypt
  • Single or multi-entry eVisa (or visa on arrival if prepared to wait at the border)
  • A medical certificate or official letter from your healthcare practitioner if carrying medication into the country

Tourists are also highly recommended to check to Egypt customs regulations when preparing luggage to avoid packing any prohibited items and the current travel restrictions for Egypt before you start your trip.

In addition, foreigners should be aware of the appropriate dress code for men and women in Egypt when packing clothing for the trip.

Stay safe!

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