Angola Overland

Angola Overland is an extremely diverse and large country that is ready and willing to welcome tourists now the civil war is so far behind them. From jungle in the North to beaches in the West and mountains and deserts in the South, Angola really does have it all. NOTE: Angola's currency, the Kwanza, fluctuates a lot. Because of that there is a thriving black market rate that is usually around 50% better than the official rate. Bring US Dollars in cash with you to exchange on the street - the bigger notes get a better exchange rate ($100 is preferred). Because the rates change so much, prices listed on this page are indicative only. It's entirely possible things will cost half (or twice) as much during your visit.

Angola Travel Visa

The travel visa for Angola has long been regarded as the hardest to get on the entire West Coast route, though this has changed significantly in the last few years. When going South many choose to get the visa in Accra Ghana, though this means you only have eight weeks to travel through all the countries between Ghana and Angola, which is far too short.

Lately many, many Overlanders moving south are getting a one month multi-entry visa in Pointe Noire, Congo without problem. The cost is $140.00 USD, to be paid in Central African Francs. The visa takes a few days to issue. Coming from the South many people have recently had luck in Lusaka, Zambia and sometimes in Rundu, Namibia.

A visa on arrival is possible by applying for a pre-approval letter online and collecting the physical visa on arrival for 120 USD. The visa is valid for 30 days from date of arrival at the border, and it's multiple entry.

Angola Visa Overland Required Paperwork

  • Passport of registered owner.
  • Drivers license of registered owner.
  • Original vehicle registration.
  • Proof of vehicle insurance- they might not ask for it, but it’s better to have it.
  • (OPTIONAL) Carnet de Passage

(no copies are required)

Angola Visa Process at border

  • Get yourself stamped in at Immigration.
  • Go to Douane to get a temporary import for the vehicle. Using the vehicle registration the officer will write out an import form, valid for one month. You can request a two month entry no problem, you just pay twice as much
  • If you have a Carnet de Passage, you don't need the import form and you pay nothing.
  • If crossing at the Santa Clara border with your vehicle, first visit the small office you pass while entering the parking area in from of the 2 large warehouse type buildings. This is the visa office and they will stamp you in. Next, visit the small office at the exit (between the 2 warehouse buildings), this is where you will receive your TIP and complete all the necessary road tax paperwork. THey will give you an account number you have to make a payment to at one of the banks in the large building beside the office. You may need a photocopy of the following documents - visa in passport, passport info page, photo of vehicle showing side/front/rear. If you need to make photocopies there is a small chinese run photo shop just after the roundabout when entering Angola you can walk to.

Angola Port of Entry

After the pre-visa is granted, travellers can then obtain a visa on arrival at the following designated ports of entry.

After the pre-visa is granted, travellers can then obtain a visa on arrival at the following designated ports of entry.

Upon arrival in Angola, you will have to present your passport along with your printed e-Visa and all the other documents that were part of the application.

Exiting with a vehicle

  • Get yourself stamped out at Immigration.
  • Get your Carnet de Passage stamped out if you have one.

All should be free, do not pay for this.

The Portuguese name "Quatro de Fevereiro" refers to the date that an armed struggle began against colonial rule that led to the country's independence.

Angola Overland Vehicle insurance requirements

Insurance does not seem to be required, Police never seem to ask for it for people just transiting through, though you might want to have something to show anyone looking for a bribe.

Driving license: license from your home country will be accepted.

Angola Overland Mandatory items in vehicle

You probably need two safety triangles, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher. It's a good idea to have them to avoid bribery.

Angola Overland Road quality: Roads vary greatly in Angola. There are many, many new highways that rival those anywhere in the world. There are also lots of old broken-up roads with massive potholes and make for some very slow going. In the Namib desert in the South the sandy tracks are extremely primitive.

Angola Overland Road signs:

Road signs do exist and usually show the distances to the next few upcoming towns. These are improving quickly.

Angola OverlandAngola Overland Checkpoints: There are checkpoints and random stops where Police, Military and Customs will check your paperwork. Don't pay at any of these. Stay friendly and polite. Never use your mobile phone or camera at check points.

Traveling with pets: No issues crossing with dog from Namibia to Angola. Only document requested was proof of vaccinations. There may be official import forms but unknown and never asked for.

Angola Overland Driving at night

Driving at night is not recommended due to the risk of violence or bandits. There can also be armed robbery on the roads in remote places and some even place bogus road blocks. Also watch out for cars without lights, animals, people and everything else you can imagine on the roads.

Stay safe!

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