Zambia Border Crossing of Jimbe

It consists of a very small post that has no electricity and the minimal staff use solar energy to support the computer system. No truck crossing is possible, only small 4x4 vehicles as the road is in poor condition and very difficult to transit on the Angolan side. The closest town in Angola is Souto. Approximately 310km away.

Border Crossing Location and Contact

Hours of Operation:

  • Every day regardless of holidays or season: 06:00 – 18:00
  • Name of Border Crossing/ Jimbe Border Post: Country #1: Zambia and Angola
  • Province or District: Ikelenge District, North Western Province
  • Nearest Town or City with Distance from Border Crossing: Chilabombwa 16 km

Nearest International Airport

  • Ndola – Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport
  • Distance 696 km
  • Ruck Travel Time: 25 hrs
  • Car Travel time: 11 hrs
  • Customs Clearance

    Delays occur when documentation is incomplete. Documentation requirements for food (cereals):

    • Waybill
    • Export permit (dependant on commodity)
    • Certificate of Origin (COMESA/SADC)
    • Fumigation certificate
    • Export schedule (in case of Maize)
    • Invoice
    • Phytosanitary certificate
    • Electronic pre-clearance through forwarding agent is possible and recommended. Bond is held by the agent for fees. ZRA is the Regulatory Authority. Inspection is required for import and export by Ministry of Agriculture and ZRA. Fee of USD 100 per foreign registered truck and ZMW 196 (USD 20.22) for Zambian trucks. All trucks are subject to inspection upon entering or leaving the country.

    Nearest Town or City with Distance from Border Crossing

    • Chilabombwa
    • 16 km
    • Latitude: S 11.10887
    • Longitude: E 24.02098
  • Nearest Port
  • Nearest location with functioning wholesale markets, or with significant manufacturing or production capacity
  • Solwezi
  • Distance 373 km
  • Truck Travel Time: 15 hrs
  • Car Travel time: 7 hrs
  • There are fuelling stations in Mwinilunga and Solwezi. It is wise to fuel in Solwezi as there is limited fuel storage capacity in Mwinilunga and due to road conditions the supply is tenuous. Mwinilunga is a small town 101 km south of the Jimbe Border Post.
  • Daily Capacity

    This border post is exceptionally small with no electricity, ituses solar panels to power the ZRA computer. Minimum staffing is present and no truck movement is possible due to road conditions on the Angolan side of the border. Road conditions from Mwinilunga are difficult as the road is under construction. Completion of the construction works is estimated for 2018. Road will then be a good gravel road capable of moving large trucks. Only Immigration and small vehicles are crossing at present.

    The Democratic Republic of the Congo – Angola border crossing

    The country occupies an area of 2,344,858 km², making it the second largest country in Africa (behind Algeria), the DROC is about 3 times the size of Turkey, or slightly less the size of one-fourth of the US.

    Southern section border crossing

    The border starts in the west on the Atlantic Coast at the estuary of the Congo River, following this river eastwards for a period before leaving it just north of the Angolan town of Noqui. It then proceeds in a roughly straight line eastwards, occasionally utilising rivers such as the Mpozo, Lufo and Luvemba, before reaching the Lubishi river, following this briefly to its confluence with the Kwango. It then follows the Kwango as it flows to the south, before turning east at the confluence with the Utunguila. The border then proceed eastwards, utilising a number of rivers (notably the Lola, Wamba, Kombo, Lucaia, Kwenge, Luita, Congolo, Lovua and the Chicapa) and straight overland lines (including the 7th parallel south and 8th parallel south), before reaching the Kasai River. The border then follows this river, and then the Luao, as they flow to the south, before turning east and proceeding overland via various irregular lines to the Zambian tripoint.

    Democratic Republic of the Congo – Angola border crossing

    This part of Africa on the Atlantic coast is quite tricky: between the southern parallels 5° and 6°, from Pointe-Noire (Congo) to Soyo (Angola), there are three border crossings within less than 200 kilometers. And those are not easy countries to get in: the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC, ex Zaire) and Angola.

    Fly from Matadi to Boma then on to Muanda on the coast. From there you can easily take a taxi north into Cabinda City. Technically that puts you in Angola, and all you need is an internal flight south to Luanda. These flights run all day and were around $120

    Crossing by Bus

    A bus was supposed to get me from Luanda to Santa Clara at the border with Namibia. It's a 1,000 km trip but the roads are fairly good and the busses are comfortable so it should have been okay.

    Crossing broder Angola from Kinshasa by land with local transport?

    You will not be allowed to cross into the DRC there with an e-visa, as they only email you a PDF approval document. You then present that printed PDF at the border to be given a whole-page visa sticker, for which they need to take your photo and print it. No way they'll be able to do that up by the Matadi border posts. Nor will they be willing to, as your approval "Carta de Autorização de Visto Turismo / Negócio" specifically states which border you will collect the sticker from

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