Angola Kalandula Falls

The Kalandula Falls, also known as the "Dola" or "Duque de Bragança Falls," is a majestic waterfall located in the Malanje Province of Angola. It is one of the largest waterfalls in Africa and is a popular tourist attraction due to its stunning natural beauty. They are one of the largest waterfalls by volume in Africa. The distance from Luanda is 360 km. On the Lucala River, the falls are 105 meters high and 400 meters wide. Visit Angola and apply for online, visa

Below here are some key features of the Kalandula Falls:

1. Angola Kalandula Falls Location:

The Kalandula Falls are situated on the Lucala River, about 85 kilometers (53 miles) from the city of Malanje in northeastern Angola. The falls are nestled in a picturesque area surrounded by lush vegetation and scenic landscapes. Ovimbundu

2. Angola Kalandula Falls Size and Formation:

The Kalandula Falls span approximately 410 meters (1,345 feet) in width and have a drop height of about 105 meters (344 feet). The waterfall is formed as the Lucala River plunges over a series of stepped rock formations, creating a breathtaking cascade of water. Ambundu Mbundu

3. Angola Kalandula Falls Natural Surroundings

The area around the Kalandula Falls is characterized by verdant forests, rolling hills, and diverse flora and fauna. The lush vegetation and the spray of the waterfall create a refreshing and serene atmosphere. Kalandula Falls Natural Surroundings View

4. Angola Kalandula Falls Viewing Points:

There are designated viewpoints from where visitors can admire the Kalandula Falls. These viewpoints provide different perspectives of the waterfall, allowing visitors to appreciate its grandeur and capture memorable photographs. Watch Kalandula Falls

5. Angola Kalandula Falls Accessibility

Kalandula Falls Accessibility The Kalandula Falls can be accessed by road from Malanje, making it relatively accessible for visitors. However, it's advisable to check local conditions and road infrastructure before planning a trip, as some roads may be in need of maintenance.

6. Angola Kalandula Falls Local Community

Kalandula Falls Local Community: The Kalandula Falls are located within the territory of the Kimbundu ethnic group. Visitors may have the opportunity to learn about the local culture and interact with the Kimbundu community, adding a cultural dimension to the visit.

Angola BBC Weather forecast

Luanda has a tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. The dry season, from May to October, generally offers pleasant weather with cooler temperatures. The wet season, from November to April, brings rainfall and higher humidity. BBC Weather - Luanda Hour by hour forecast

Angola Luanda Sightseeing:

Luanda offers a mix of historical and cultural attractions. Visit the Fortress of São Miguel, a historic fort overlooking the bay, and the National Museum of Anthropology for a glimpse into the country's heritage. Explore the lively markets like the Benfica Market and enjoy the vibrant street life in the city. Join Luanda Sightseeing Visa

Angola Local Cuisine:

Luanda has a diverse culinary scene. Don't miss the opportunity to try traditional Angolan dishes like muamba de galinha (chicken stew), calulu (fish stew), and funje (a staple made from cassava flour). Seafood is also popular due to Luanda's coastal location. Angola Local dishes

Note: The Kalandula Falls are a natural wonder and a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts in Angola. The combination of the thundering waterfall, the surrounding landscapes, and the cultural richness of the area make it a captivating and memorable experience for visitors.

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