What is a Flight Itinerary or Travel itinerary

A flight itinerary is a proposed route for your flight. It includes the departure and arrival airports, connecting airports (if any), dates and times of the flights, flight numbers, passenger name, any meal preferences (if applicable), and your confirmation number.

Most of the time, you get an itinerary after you book your flight, but you can also get a proposed itinerary by “reserving” your flight if you need it to apply for a visa. Many airlines will allow you to place a hold on a flight and lock in the price for a certain amount of time (often 24 hours) either free or for a fee, so you can come back and book it later. Others will keep your itinerary saved for up to 72 hours (though the price is not guaranteed).

What is the difference of flight itinerary and ticket?

The itinerary can be a proposed route or a confirmation of your travel plans, but you’ll still need to check-in and get a ticket to board the plane.

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A travel itinerary

A travel itinerary is a schedule of events relating to planned travel, generally including destinations to be visited at specified times and means of transportation to move between those destinations. For example, both the plan of a business trip and the route of a road trip, or the proposed outline of one, would be travel itineraries.

Travel itinerary for destinations

The construction of a travel itinerary may be assisted by the use of travel literature, including travel journals and diaries, a guide book containing information for visitors or tourists about the destination, or a trip planner website dedicated to helping the users plan their trips. Typically a travel itinerary is prepared by a travel agent who assists one in conducting their travel for business or leisure. Most commonly a travel agent provides a list of pre-planned travel itineraries to a traveller, who can then pick one that they're most satisfied with. However, with the advent of the internet, online maps, navigation, online trip planners and easier access to travel information in general, travellers, especially the younger ones prefer a more do-it-yourself approach to travel planning.

Travel itinerary for different purposes?

Since a travel itinerary might serve different purposes for different kinds of travellers, it is crucial for a travel agent to know all the characteristics of her/his target of customers.

A typical business traveller's itinerary might include information about meetings, events and contacts with some time for leisure travel, while a leisure traveller's itinerary would predominantly include destinations, points of interest and transportation means.

Travel itinerary for online trip planners?

Online trip planners like Sygic, Roadtrippers and Triphobo.com help cater to different traveller profiles by providing easier access to information and a tool to organise a travel itinerary more efficiently.

Travel itinerary in international travel

In international travel, persons visiting certain countries may be required to provide their travel itinerary to authorities to ensure that their plans are lawful.

Travel plan, a package of actions designed by an organisation to encourage safe, healthy and sustainable travel options

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