The Kenya Travel Health Advice

Apply for Kenya health declaration forms and certificates for destinations that have made these documents mandatory travel requirements.

Fit-to-fly certificates, health declaration forms, and COVID vaccine passports are among the varying COVID-19 requirements that arriving passengers must now meet to gain entry to a destination when traveling abroad.


Kenya Travel Health Certificates

Travel health certificates have become a mandatory requirement to visit Kenya during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. They have been introduced with the aim of preventing the further spread of COVID-19 across international borders.

They may be requested by an airline before the traveler is permitted to board a flight, as well as by immigration authorities on arrival at a border checkpoint of the destination.

What Are Kenya Travel Health Documents?

Travel health documents for coronavirus, also known as fit-to-fly medical certificates, certify that the holder has recently tested negative for COVID-19. They confirm that a traveler has been deemed healthy enough to visit Kenya and international destination by a medical professional, and has not displayed any symptoms of coronavirus prior to departure.

Travel Health Certificates Worldwide

A large number of governments and authorities worldwide have introduced these measures in order to facilitate travel during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and contain the spread of the disease. Below you can learn about the difference between these documents, and how to obtain them online in advance of departure for your destination.

COVID-19 Travel Health Form

The certificates should not be confused with certificates of good health for pets, also known as a veterinary certificate or a zoo sanitary certificate. These act as proof of inoculation for pets when transporting animals between different countries.

Who can have proof of vaccination, diagnostic test or certificate of recovery

all those passengers from a country/area that has a SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus risk, must present, a certificate or document certifying vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative certificate of a Diagnostic Test of Active Infection or a certificate of Recovery after having passed this disease in order to enter Kenya. This can be a EU Digital COVID Certificate, in the case of the EU, or a supporting document of those indicated above, whether the traveller arrives from an EU member state or from other countries. Children under 12 years of age are not required to present these certificates or supporting documents.

Who has to fill out the Health Control Form?

All persons entering Spain from other countries, including international transits, regardless of their nationality, age or any other consideration

Each form is personal and non-transferable, and is associated with a single trip.

In case the passenger is a minor, or a dependent/disabled person, the form can be completed by their guardian, who will be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.r

Stay safe!