The Kenya Travel Health Advice

Kenya Travel Health Advice

Kenya COVID-19

COVID-19 is present in Kenya. Monitor the media for the latest developments on COVID-19 and follow the advice of local officials. See Travel.

Malaria is widespread except in Nairobi and places above 2500m. Consider taking anti-malarial medication. Other insect-borne diseases include dengue, Rift Valley fever, filariasis, and African sleeping sickness. Ensure your accommodation is insect-proof. Use insect repellent.

Yellow Fever is widespread. Get Vaccinated before you travel.

HIV/AIDS infection rates are high. Take precautions if you're taking part in high-risk activities.

Polio outbreaks occur in Kenya. Check your vaccinations are up to date at least 6 weeks before you travel.

Foodborne, waterborne, and other infectious diseases include hepatitis, meningococcal disease, measles, and cholera. Drink only boiled or bottled water. Avoid raw or undercooked food.

Insect-borne diseases

Yellow fever is widespread in Kenya. Yellow fever is a potentially fatal virus spread by mosquitoes. It's prevented by vaccination. Get vaccinated before you travel. Malaria is widespread except in Nairobi and at altitudes above 2500m. Other insect-borne diseases occur, such as:


    Rift Valley fever


    African sleeping sickness

To protect yourself from disease:

    make sure your accommodation is insect-proof

    use insect repellent

    wear long, loose, light-colored clothing

    consider taking medication to prevent malaria

    Get medical advice if you have a fever, muscle pain, rash or severe headache.


HIV/AIDS infection rates are very high.

Take precautions if taking part in activities that put you at risk of infection.


    Polio outbreaks happen in Kenya.

    Check your vaccination status for polio with a doctor or travel clinic. Do this at least 8 weeks before you travel.

    If you aren't vaccinated, complete the full course of vaccinations before you leave. If you've been vaccinated in the past, get a booster dose if needed.

Stay safe!