Kenya Border Crossing Information

people with negative coronavirus test results are allowed to enter Kenya. Long-distance lorry drivers at the Namanga testing station at the border between Kenya and Tanzania. All travellers passing this border are required to be tested for COVID-19. The samples are tested in one of the new mobile high-tech laboratories.

The shorter wait times not only reduce economic hardships for people like lorry drivers and shipping agents, they are also critical when it comes to identifying the source of an infection in the early stages to prevent the outbreak of an epidemic. "If the samples are analysed quickly, the government can gain a relatively precise picture of the occurrences of infection

Kenya Border Crossing Shorter wait times

Samples are required for analysis. In Namanga, a five-person team takes care of this; each team member wears a white protective suit. After all, everyone has sufficient protective equipment and pays meticulous attention to hygiene. However, safety comes at a price: "The protective suits are very hot and we should only wear them for two hours at a time. But we sometimes need to work for three or four hours to collect all the samples."

Crossing the Kenya-Uganda Border

Travelers going from Uganda to Kenya or vice versa can either make the journey by air or by land, crossing the border at a designated checkpoint. From Ugandan citizens taking a trip to the other side of the frontier to backpackers touring around Africa, many people cross the Kenya-Uganda border each day..

There are a number of Kenya-Uganda border crossing points that land-based travelers may use to pass between the 2 East African states, although not all of them may be crossed with a Kenya eVisa. Kenya-Uganda Border Crossings Recommendation

The main checkpoints are the Busia and Malaba border crossings. They both lie on main roads between Uganda and Kenya and there is also a train crossing at Malaba, operated by Rift Valley Railways.

Busia and Malaba borders are also the only land border crossing points between the 2 countries that are fully equipped to deal with large volumes of travelers and process digital documents.

Between Kenya and Tanzania Border Posts

Tanzania Border Crossing from Kenya and What to Expect Tanzania visa Online application get 24 hours support

If you are looking to enter Tanzania from Kenya then, in addition to taking a flight, you may also consider the option of entering by land. Nationals of most countries require a visa to enter Tanzania. The easiest option is to apply for a Tanzania eVisa. There are currently 158 countries that are eligible for this electronic visa for Tanzania including Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The eVisa can be applied for rapidly and securely by filling out the user-friendly Tanzania eVisa application form, paying the fee by credit or debit card and then waiting just a few days or less to receive the visa at the email address that you provided. Check Tanzania and Kenya border Crossing

Kenya and Ethiopia - Moyale One Stop Border Post
Moyale One Stop Border Post: is the border between Ethiopia and Kenya.

The much-awaited Moyale One-Stop Border Post (OSBP) on the Kenya-Ethiopia border has finally commenced operations. This means that the border regulatory officials clearing traffic, cargo and persons from both Ethiopia and Kenya will now relocate to Moyale and sit side by side on either side of the border, where they will undertake exit and entry formalities in a joint and/or sequenced manner.

The move follows the official launch of Moyale OSBP in December 2020, by both President Uhuru Kenyatta and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Modern checkpoint for the two countries border and even the first in its kind with neighboring countries for Ethiopia. Moyale is the only gazetted border crossing point between Ethiopia and Kenya.

The Kenya-Ethiopia border crossing points at Moyale One Stop Border are open 24/7 to allow travelers to cross in normal circumstances.

Documentation Needed at Kenyan Border Entry

International visitors who meet the Kenyan eVisa requirements can take the convenient option of applying for their Kenyan eVisa/visa online which skips any unnecessary trips to an embassy.

Individuals crossing the Kenyan border will need certain documents to do so, including the following:

  • Passport (or national ID for East Africans)
  • Visa (if applicable)
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate
Kenya Border Crossings Recommendation

Travelers should double-check that they have brought all the necessary documentation, including their passport, visa, and yellow fever vaccination certificate. Without these, they may be turned away at the border.

Border crossing period

When crossing the border between Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda it is worth bearing a few things in mind.

Stay safe!