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The Temple of Pythons, also known as the Python Temple, is a significant attraction in Ouidah, Benin. Temple Des Pythons is located in Ouidah which was about an hour's journey from Cotonou, it was a smooth ride without traffic but there was a toll just outside Cotonou. Ouidah is a quiet town outside Cotonou and it has lots of tourist attractions.

The Temple of Pythons offers an intriguing insight into the Voodoo traditions and the spiritual significance of pythons in Benin's cultural heritage. It provides a unique cultural experience for those interested in exploring the intersection of religion, nature, and traditional beliefs in the country. The popular Casa Del Papa is located in Ouidah but it is further than the Python temple. An entry fee is paid at the Python temple before entering and a tour guide that speaks and understands English takes you around the temple. How do I get a Benin visa?

Here is some information about the Temple of Pythons:

1. Benin Temple Python Location

Location: The Temple of Pythons is located in Ouidah, a historic coastal town in southern Benin. It is situated near the main market area of Ouidah and is easily accessible to visitors. watch and Visit to the Sacred Python Temple

2. Benin Temple Python Importance

Importance: The temple is a place of veneration for pythons, which are considered sacred in the Voodoo religion practiced in Benin. Pythons are believed to be powerful and symbolize protection, fertility, and spiritual connection.

3. Benin Temple Python Architecture

Architecture: The Temple of Pythons is a small building with a thatched roof and simple structure. It is designed to accommodate the pythons that reside within it. benín temple python architecture

4. Benin Temple Python Pythons and Rituals

Pythons and Rituals: The temple houses numerous pythons, which are cared for and revered by the local community. Visitors can witness ceremonies and rituals performed by Voodoo priests or priestesses involving the pythons. It is important to note that the handling of the pythons is strictly reserved for the priests and priestesses. <

5. Benin Temple Python Cultural Significance

Cultural Festivals: The Somba people celebrate various cultural festivals and rituals throughout the year. These festivals, such as the Fire Dance and the Bariquandé Festival, involve traditional music, dances, masquerades, and ceremonies that reflect the Somba's spiritual beliefs and cultural heritage.

6. Benin Temple Python Visitor Experience

Visitor Experience: Visitors can observe the pythons from outside the temple and witness the rituals performed by the Voodoo practitioners. It is a unique opportunity to witness the cultural practices and traditions associated with Voodoo in Benin. Inside Benin Temple Python Visitor Experience

7. Benin Temple Python Cultural Respect

Cultural Respect: When visiting the Temple of Pythons, it is important to respect the sacredness of the site and follow any guidelines provided by the local authorities or guides. Visitors should dress modestly and maintain a respectful demeanor while observing the rituals.

8. Pythons Temple Google Reviews
  • Temple Python Review 1 It was an educational experience with an immersive cultural appeal. The guide was very good at explaining to an English-speaking audience even though their official language is French. The place also boasts of an impressive store where you can get lovely souvenirs
  • Temple Python Reviews 2: It was a really thrilling, fun and exciting experience. I definitely recommend 10/10. The python temple is located in the town of Ouidah, Benin Republic. The town is most known for practicing voodoo and in this town pythons are sacred beings. They worship the Pythons.
  • Temple Python Reviews 3: Some back story is a long time ago there was a war and famine. A woman ran into the bush were she met a python which she then brought back to the village. At night the python would go round eating all the pests which in turn made their crop grow. Hence they praised the python and also allow them roam around at night.
  • Temple Python Reviews 4: Le Temple De Python is an enthralling and captivating place to visit. A place we’re tradition is upheld and has been passed down through generations. It’s quite interesting to see how the traditions of the town had morphed to reflect the current situation of our society. It’s an affordable and interesting place to visit. Also easily identifiable via Google map directions.
  • Temple Python Reviews 5. Interesting experience Learnt a lot really, not a snake fan though, so I didn't and couldn't 'cuddle' any of the Phytons which is one of the highlights of this visit. I did take pictures with the carved phyton outside (does this count😁)
  • Temple Python Reviews 6. The guide talks about the history of Pythons and how they are left open at a certain period of the year to go and fend for themselves was told the Pythons come back to their home and they are very harmless. It is also mentioned that the people of Ouidah don't eat Python, they worship it and they have a ceremony for it once every 3-5 years.
  • Temple Python Reviews 7. The temple is open and Pythons are brought out for tourists to hold and put round their necks for a few minutes. The Pythons are harmless they say and they also tour inside the Python hole. The tour of the temple is ended with visiting the art center where you can buy artworks, crafts, and other souvenirs. The tour was worth it!
  • Temple Python Reviews 8. A sacred place that houses the gods of the people of Ouidah in Benin Republic. Having become a place for tourists to stop over to experience the python neck wrap. Opposite the temple is the Basilica, a sharp contrast. The entry fee is a 1000CFA. The art market had an array of lovely pieces as souvenirs.
  • Temple Python Reviews 9. Nice experience, tours are offered in English and French. A little onsite into the history, voodoo festival and photos with the snakes. We were done in about 30minutes. Not much to do asides that. There are wares for sale behind feel free to buy but be sure to bargain. Entry is 1000cfa and an extra 1000cfa for photos even with your phone.
  • Reviews 10: The home of pythons. Join the voodoo worshippers to pay homage to sacred pythons. Get to carry a python or wrap one around your beck. Good customer service. I paid 1000CFA plus an extra 1000CFA for pictures. Python Temple in Benin Republic is located in Ouidah town, the Voodoo capital of Benin Republic. It's a very fun place and also informative, you get to play with the most friendly pythons I've ever seen in my life, if you are lucky enough you might get to see priests doing their voodoo in the shrine but you have to be there at the right time
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