The Cape Verde Top Tourist Destinations


Cape Verde, an archipelago located off the coast of West Africa, offers a range of beautiful destinations for tourists. Here are some of the top tourist destinations in Cape Verde:

Travel to Cape Verde:

Travelling to Cape Verde you can have a full relax experience, a good place for a getaway for fresh air. He archipelago offers many natural sites such as Boa Vista and its striking sand dunes, anto Antao and its luscious green valleys, al and its beautiful beaches. Cape Verde is also famous for watersport and hiking enthusiasts. Here is cultural influence such as Portuguese, African, Latin and Mediterranean are exposed through Cape Verde Carnival events in February.


  • Buracona: Buracona is a small bay in the northwest of the island of Sal, Cape Verde. The bay is approximately 5 km north of the village Palmeira. The bay is part of the 5.45 km² protected landscape of Buracona-Ragona, which covers the coast between Palmeira and Ponta Preta, and the mountain Monte Leste.
  • Very interesting underwater phenomenon- the light falls through the water and this shine may look like a blue eye when there's direct sunshine. Best to go in the midday. Use sunshine cream while they are queuing outside and you can wait 15-30 minutes to get to the site.
  • If you’re into nature at its best then this is the place to visit while in Cape Verde specifically SAL. The waters are extremely clear and the scenery is absolutely stunning. This location is also ideally for the most talented divers. The waters are a bit rough begin the lagoon itself
  • 2, Viveiro Botanical Garden: Independent petting zoo & botanical garden, displaying & selling local plants & trees, not only a greenhouse, but a wonderful botanical garden and animal park, where Flora & Fauna live together in harmony. Come discover this Paradise in the island of Sal! Enjoy a stroll through the garden, pet the animals, have a picnic on the grass or enjoy a drink at our lovely Cafe.
  • Shark Bay

    Looking for a great natural experience to watch sharks? Visit the shark bay! you will enjoy the unique adventure of walking the rocky water to watch baby Lemon Sharks swim around my feet. It is a must visit while exploring the paradise Sal Island.

  • A few baby sharks swim around your feet, it's quite intriguing but the adult sharks stayed far and seemed at some point they were swimming to us then turned back. Scary yet exciting. Walking in the water hurts a little though, the water shoes don't completely cushion the effects of the rocks under your feet.
  • Exciting experience
  • A very exciting experience, the guide will bring you close to baby sharks. If you don't have shoes they'll give you a pair for 2€ more or less. The water will arrive at your waist tops. The whole experience is completely safe. Just respect the sharks don't touch them and don't follow them.
  • Nice place to have a close look at small lemon sharks (completely harmless to people) - they can come as close as touching your legs with their fins. Be prepared for a rough ride to the bay. Take your beach shoes with you (the other option is to hire a pair with a questionable hygiene for two euro).
  • Distance
  • A bit of off road to get there, but worth it. At the bay you will need shoes to go into the water, you can rent there if needed. The water is warm and shallow, you out to just above your knees and wait. The baby sharks just swim up to you. A bit exposed out there so need plenty of suncream.
  • Viveiro Botanical Garden

    This is a very serene spot to get close to nature. The landscape is beautiful and well laid out.

    Entry fee is 5 Euros cash for adults and free for children. It has a wide array of flora and fauna. It boasts of several plants and multitude of cactus plants. The staff seem committed to the zoo and are very friendly

    There is a wide selection of birds and animals; parrots, peacocks,4 horned goats, donkeys horses, guinea pigs, chameleon , rabbits, monkeys etc

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