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This Pre-Arrival Registration Allows Travelers To Enter The Country For Tourist Purposes.

Cape Verde Surveillance and Health Control Form

The Cape Verde Surveillance and Health Control Form is a travel document implemented to collect specific details from travelers entering Cape Verde.

Cape Verde Visa COVID-19 RT PCR

Cape Verde’s air and sea borders are open. You’ll need a COVID-19 RT PCR nasal swab test or an antigen test (Ag-RDT) to enter Cape Verde. The test has to be done in the last 72 hours before travel. If you do not present a COVID-19 test done in the last 72 hours, you will not be allowed to board your flight.

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival in Cape Verde on arrival at Sal, Boa Vista, São Vicente or Santiago international airports, you will have to present your passport along with your printed COVID-19 RT PCR, and eVisa (also known as Pre-Arrival Registration) and all the documents you submitted with your application.

    processing-documents Cape Verde Visa Requirements

  • Each of your family members must submit a separate application.
  • The Length of your stay.
  • Passport Personal Details Scan.
  • Proof of Accommodation.
  • Travel Itinerary.
  • Travel Dates.
  • Yellow Fever and Malaria Vaccination Check CDC travel notice.
  • Cape Verde eVisa Eligible Countries.

Children under 7 do not need to present a COVID-19 test. Prior to your travel you will need to complete

Cape Varde Visa and International Travel  

The Government of Cabo Verde has authorized the use of antigen tests (Ag-RDT) to detect COVID-19 prior to travel to Cabo Verde.  Travelers entering Cabo Verde must present results of a negative COVID-19 PCR-RT test or an antigen test (Ag-RDT, commonly known as a “rapid test”) administered no more than 72 hours prior to flight departure to gain entry to Cabo Verde.  Children under age seven are exempt from presenting test results to gain entry to Cabo Verde.

The Airport Security Tax Form (TSA)

This does not apply to visitors under 2 years of age or those who are normally resident in Cape Verde. (See Visas). If you’re travelling with a tour operator, check whether the cost of the TSA is included in your package.

Your temperature will be measured on arrival in Cape Verde. If your temperature is high, you will be taken to an assigned area at the airport where your temperature will be measured again. If it remains high, the Cape Verdean authorities may need you to do a COVID-19 test. Anyone displaying symptoms such as fever may be put in isolation and subjected to a COVID-19 test on arrival.

Without a negative COVID-19 test

If you arrive in Cape Verde without a negative COVID-19 test, you won’t be allowed to disembark. In exceptional circumstances, the Cape Verdean authorities may allow you entry but you will have to take the test at your own expense. You’ll need to check the conditions for travel with the airline before you book a flight.

Travelling between islands

Internal inter-island flights and passenger ferries are operational. If you’re travelling between islands, you’ll need to complete an online health surveillance form and you’ll need to present a COVID-19 (rapid antigen test) done in the last 72 hours before you travel from some of the islands.

If you are travelling from the islands of Santiago, São Nicolau, Sal, Boa Vista, Maio and Brava, you do not need to present a COVID-19 (rapid antigen test) test prior to travel.

If you are travelling from Santo Antão, São Vicente, Maio and Fogo, you will need to present a COVID-19 (rapid antigen test) done in the last 72 hours before you travel.

Children under the age of 7 are not required to present a test.

You can have a COVID-19 test (rapid antigen test) in a local municipal health facility or in a certified private laboratory no later than 72 hours prior to travel. You can book your test online on some of the islands.

You’ll need to pay 1,000 CV Escudos (around £8-£10) for the COVID-19 test (rapid antigen test), a health declaration and result certificate. You need to ensure that the fee you pay includes the health declaration and test result.

You should comply with any additional screening measures put in place by the authorities.

Step 1


Submit online appplication in 3-5 minutes, review and make payment with credit card or PayPal

Step 2


Receive Comfirmation of Pre-arrival Registeration Via e-Mail. Take the printed copy along.

Step 3


Upon arrival in Cape Verde, you will have to present your passport along with your Pre-arrival Registeration.

Cape Verde e-Visa Costs

Our professional travel assistance services include: support and submission of your visa apppcation to immigration, providing information regarding apppcation status and results via e-Mail or similar types of communication.

Cape Verde visa fee pay at arrival


Africatourvisa service Fee

€50.00 Euro

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Cape Verde Port Of Entry

  • Amílcar Cabral International Airport.

    Amílcar Cabral International Airport, also known as Sal International Airport, is the main international airport of Cabo Verde. Read More

  • Praia Nelson Mandela.

    Nelson Mandela International Airport, also known as Praia International Airport, is the airport of Santiago Island in Cape Verde. Praia airport, Cape Verde

  • International Airport Aristides Pereira

    Aristides Pereira International Airport is an airport in Cape Verde located on the island of Boa Vista, about 5 km southeast. boa vistar airport

  • Key Information for Travelers to Cape Verde

    Travelers should avoid all travel to Cape Verde. If you must travel, talk to your doctor ahead of travel, especially if you are at CDC COVID-19 in Cape Verde Update

  • Cesária Évora International Airport.

    Cesária Évora Airport is Cape Verde's fourth-busiest airport, located on the island of São Vicente, nearly 5 kilometres from the centre of Mindelo.

  • Cape Verde Visa Eligible nationals.

    Nationals of the following 59 countries are eligible: for Cape Verde visa

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