Nigeria Travel Destinations

Nigeria Travel Destinations: Nigeria offers a variety of travel destinations that cater to different interests, whether you're interested in cultural experiences, natural beauty, or historical sites. Here are some popular travel destinations in Nigeria:

1. Lagos

Lagos: As the commercial capital of Nigeria, Lagos is a bustling metropolis with a vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches (such as Tarkwa Bay and Elegushi Beach), and cultural attractions like the Nike Art Gallery. Explore the Lekki Conservation Centre for nature walks and canopy walks.

2. Abuja

Abuja: Nigeria's capital city, Abuja, is known for its modern architecture and well-planned layout. Visit the Aso Rock, National Mosque, and the Nigerian National Mosque. The Jabi Lake and Millennium Park are great spots for relaxation.

3. Calabar

Calabar: Located in the southeast, Calabar is known for its rich cultural heritage. Visit the Calabar Museum, explore the historic Old Residency and Mary Slessor's Tomb, and experience the Calabar Carnival, one of Nigeria's biggest street parties.

4. Enugu

Enugu: Enugu, known as the "Coal City," has a rich history and offers attractions like the Awhum Waterfall, Ngwo Caves, and the National Museum. The city is also a gateway to exploring the eastern region of Nigeria.

5. Ibadan

Ibadan: Ibadan is one of the oldest cities in Nigeria and boasts historical sites like Cocoa House, University of Ibadan, and the Ibadan National Museum. The city is known for its rich Yoruba culture.

6. Owerri

Owerri: Owerri, the capital of Imo State, is known for its vibrant nightlife and the Mbari Cultural and Art Centre. The Oguta Lake and the Owerri Amusement Park are popular recreational spots.

7. Kano

Kano: Kano, in northern Nigeria, is steeped in history and culture. Visit the ancient Kano City Walls, the Emir's Palace, and the historic Kurmi Market. The Gidan Makama Museum showcases traditional Hausa architecture.

8. Jos

Jos Nigeria Jos, located in the Plateau State, offers a pleasant climate and scenic landscapes. The Shere Hills, Jos Wildlife Park, and the National Museum of Nigeria are notable attractions.

9. Kaduna

Kaduna Nigeria: Kaduna has a mix of historical and modern attractions. Visit the Kaduna Museum, Kajuru Castle, and the Nok Terracotta Figures. The city also serves as a gateway to the Kajuru and Zaria Rock formations.

Cross River National Park

Cross River National Park:This national park is located in southeastern Nigeria and is known for its biodiversity. It offers opportunities for bird watching, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

When traveling in Nigeria it's essential to stay informed about the local conditions, follow travel advisories, and respect local customs and traditions. Always check for any updates on safety and security in the regions you plan to visit.

When should I apply to Nigeria eVisa?
  • Nigeria Visa requires you to apply within 14 days of your intended date of arrival. And also the eVisa has a 14 days validation only. So, However, you can apply with us at any time, as we will automatically queue your order until it's the right time to process your application.
  • Visa on Arrival for Nigeria

    It's possible to obtain a visa on arrival for Nigeria to enter at the Seme border crossing. This is business visa intended for those travelling at short notice.

    An approval letter must be acquired before arriving at the border. To obtain the approval letter, apply at Nigeria Immigration Service Visa on Arrival. There are reports that the Immigration Service did not respond to applications. It's a buisness visa, so it has been suggested to state the purpose of the visit as being to explore business opportunities.

    Arrive at Seme with printed copies of the approval letter. Note, there are two letters that look similar, and both should be printed. The Immigration Controller needs to sign/authorise this, so there may be a wait of an hour at the border.

    To obtain the visa, you must be escorted by an immigration officer to Lagos airport. For Biking Over Yonder, with a motorcycle, and others, this meant the immigration officer rode pillion on the motorcycle. A return taxi fare of ₦25,000.00 NGN was required for the immigration officer to return to the Seme border crossing with paperwork completed.

    At the airport, you are escorted through different offices and eventually arrive at the visa on arrival office. This is located where flight passengers disembark and arrive in the terminal, which is before passport control. In the visa on arrival office, you pay for the visa using a VISA card. Note: mastercard and cash are not accepted. Alternatively, you can pay online here and present the visa payment receipt (and/or visa acknowledgement slip). Be sure to pay for visa on arrival (business) and not tourist visa, even though you may be travelling as a tourist.

    Nigeria Travel Visa

    Travel Visa for Nigeria: The Nigeria Tourist visa is a Single Entry travel document, and available to citizens of all countries who wish to visit Nigeria for the purpose of Meeting, Conference, Seminar, Contract Negotiation, Marketing, Sales, Purchase distribution of Nigerian Goods, Trade Fairs, Job interviews, Training of Nigerians, Emergency/Relief work, Crew members, Staff of NGOs, Staff of INGOs, Researchers, Musical concerts. The visa price varies a lot depending on my nationality

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