Nigerian traffic Offence You Can’t Take For Granted


the violation of traffic in the country

This declaration was made by the Corp Marshal of FRSC, Mr Boboye Opeyemi, who lamented that the violation of traffic in the country was becoming worrisome.

Violation of traffic light rules by motorists will from next year attract a fine of N50,000 beginning from next month, the Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) has declared.

Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

Speaking at the first Ember month stakeholders forum organised by the FRSC in collaboration with the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, in Abuja, the agency boss said he has proposed to the Joint Tax Board to raise fine for the traffic offence from N4,000 to N50,000 to deter erring motorists.

Also, he vowed that his men will continue to arrest and sanction motorists using phones while driving. He stressed that drivers were free to use google map, but maintained that the phone should be placed on the dashboard with both hands on the steering wheel.

Using google map

According to him, “You can’t hold the phone with one hand and drive with the other while using google map. That is distracted driving and the law is clear on that.

“When you stop people for traffic violations, their lawyers would write to you and threaten to sue.

“FRSC has 120 lawyers and I would recruit more next year; The level of violent reactions in this country is alarming.”

“We have noticed the rising incidents of traffic light violations. So, we are going to increase the minimum fine to N50,000 from N4,000.

Psychological Test

“Offenders would also undergo an emotional psychological test at the hospital to determine if you are fit to drive,” he said.

Mr Oyeyemi, condemned in strong term a situation where people would violently attack officers of the FRSC and personnel of other paramilitary agencies, calling for a stop in this act.

Passenger insurance

On his part, Chief Executive Officer, of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), Mr Babatunde Irukera, said his agency would ensure that fleet owners in the country took passenger insurance to better protect their customers during trips.

Policy on ageing vehicles owned

Mr Irukera also revealed that the commission would also roll out a policy on ageing vehicles owned by fleet firms, noting that” prioritising protection of people will not be negotiated.”

According to him, “We succeeded in putting outpatients bill of rights last year; we will insist that the vehicles be in good condition and operate in a good and safe manner”.

Stay safe!

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