Biometrics for Travel and Visa Visitors


Biometrics refers to the automated recognition of individuals based on their biological and behavioral characteristics, not to be confused with statistical biometrics; which is used to analyse data in the biological sciences. Biometrics for the purposes of identification may involve DNA matching, facial recognition, fingerprints, retina and iris scanning, voice analysis, handwriting, gait, and even body odor.

There are multiple countries applying biometrics for multiple reasons, from voting to ePassports.

However, this list is only partial. Multiple other countries in Asia and Africa, including China (PRC), collect fingerprints and other biometrics from foreign visitors.

1, Australia
2, Brazil
3, Canada
4, China
5, France
6, The Gambia
7, Germany
8, India 8.1, Service agencies
9, Iraq
10, Israel
11, Italy
12, Korea South
13, Netherlands 13.1, Recent requirements for passport photographs
14, New Zealand
15, Norway
17, Ukraine
18, United Kingdom
19, United States
Types of Biometrics

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